Project Overview:

In our animation basics class we were tasked with working in groups to create an edutainment piece on a topic of choice. My group chose to make a short about famous area 51 conspiracy theories, stylized as an 80s mystery tv show. I was responsible for the character design of the conspiracy theorist and the CIA agent. I also animated all the scenes in the compilation above. Below is the full video.

Tools: Illustrator Photoshop After Effects

Year: 2017

Theodore Barney was one of the characters I created and rigged for the project. In order to highlight the personality of the character I gave him different sized eyes, as well as a beard colored differently than his actual hair. Oh, and a colander hat, of course.

This is a still from one of the scenes I animated, where the CIA agent chased the alien out of the confessional. I focused on creating clean run cycles for both characters, as well as having the door swing open realistically. I also produced both the CIA character and the background scene.

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