Project Overview:

Charged was my first short film, and is about a lonely toy robot determined to make a new friend before he runs out of battery. My goals for the film were centered around the main character Gigabyte. I wanted to create a character that felt whole and believeable in order to convey a range of emotions and allow the audience to connect with the piece. The project was my first steps into creating large scale projects, and I learned a great deal about the entire pipeline of animation production.

Tools: Maya Photoshop After Effects

Year: 2015

The toy character "Gigabyte" went through many design iterations. It was important to craft a chracter that could do all the things I needed him to animation-wise, while also still being plausible as a manufactured toy.

The initial layout for the livingroom, used to plan where all the key assets would go and visualize the path the narrative would take.

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