Retail Store Previs

Project Overview:

I was hired by Kings Building Materials to help them design, plan, and bring to life a new retail store location. Using Google Sketchup, I constructed a scale model of the building. Having the 3D scale model allowed us to experiment with different layouts and storage concepts, as well as resulted in a previsualization video of what a customer would see as they walked through the store. The project required many iterations throughout the process in order to work with the full team of people involved, and get the design and measurements just right.

Tools: Google SketchUp Illustrator Photoshop After Effects

Year: 2016

The finalized layout and measurments for the store. This was the most time consuming part of the process as we needed to maximize storage, while still keeping items accesible to both customers and forklift machines. We needed this layout to have very precise measurements before we passed the image along to the shelf manufacturer to start constructing the units.

Two different entrance vestibules I constructed based on blueprints given to me by the architect to visualize.

The mockup for their wall display. The display is a central aspect of a Kings store as it allows the customers to see the material in person before buying it.

Being able to actually go and walk around in the finalized store that I helped design made all the hard work worth it. The project was an extremely enriching experience, and one that I certainly learned a lot from.

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