Boston Red Sox

In 2019 I got the oppurtunity to work for the Boston Red Sox as their multimedia designer. My work mainly revolved around creating 3D models and animations, and then producing engaging augmented reality experiences from them. I also created animations for use on their social media channels and for promotional purposes.

Tools: Maya Substance Painter Photoshop Illustrator After Effects Xcode Spark AR Studio Snapchat Lens Studio

Year: 2019

Some of the 3D assets I produced for use with Augmented Reality. It was important to maximize the quality of both the geometry and texture maps, while still keeping the file size very small.

The 3D models and texture maps were compressed into a .usdz file through the command line. This usdz asset could then be scaled to track with a provided target image, allowing for a variety of AR experiences to be created.

An animation I created revealing the new world champions logo, for use on social media and other forms of distribution.

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